9metis Creative Consultancy | Creative solutions in marketing and communications, website design and development, social media, graphic design, video, photography and business management.
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9metis is a creative agency providing businesses and organisations with solutions in marketing and communications, content, design and development. We are a cooperative of creative and passionate freelancers committed to delivering services to our clients that best meet their objectives for effective communication, growth and sustainability.

We create

We are in the business of designing beautiful creative. If you are new and need a corporate identity or brand or if you are established and want a new look, our team of creatives can help you get the message across. We build, design, illustrate, write, produce, direct and shoot for your print, online, social and broadcast media. With our creative, people who you want to know about you and your services or cause are in the know. We also strategise because producing beautiful creative is only part of the solution.

We develop

9metis is not just a design or video production company, photography studio or website developer. We are a solutions provider. Everything we create has the purpose of engaging and connecting with the intended audience to achieve the results that our clients want. We believe that creative is pointless without strategy so strategy is included in every creative we produce. We also provide solutions for those businesses and organisations that are just starting out or are interested in a strategy makeover.

We are

What differs us from our friends is our portfolio of businesses and organisations that we have personally created, marketed, communicated, managed and improved. We know firsthand the challenges you face as a business or organisation and have gone through the solution-finding process ourselves. This makes 9metis more than qualified and experienced to advise you on your marketing and communications and business strategies.



Our company personality defines the way in which we work. We consider your problems as challenges. We enjoy taking risks and being different. Our job is to not only produce beautiful creative but creative that is strategy-driven. We are also very good at our jobs and love what we do. If you have worked with us it was because you were recommended and relied on our good reputation. And it is our good reputation that has allowed us to keep doing what we love.

In Graphic design / Illustration
Green Discovery
In Graphic design / Illustration
In Graphic design / Illustration / Photography / Social media / Video
In Website design and development
Lao Rugby Federation
In Graphic design
Maruhan Japan Bank
In Website design and development
Le Trio Coffee
In Website design and development
Mekong Region Land Governance
In Corporate Identity / Graphic design / Website design and development
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We have provided creative solutions in marketing and communications across many industries and sectors. 9metis has worked with businesses in Lao PDR to help them reach their target audience and to promote their goods and services. We have supported organisations in building awareness of their cause and effectively communicating this to their stakeholders. Since we were good at what we were doing in Lao PDR (and still are), we are now providing creative solutions in the Asia-Pacific region , Europe and Africa.